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A belated Happy New Year!

Coffee and books bathed in sunlight

A belated new year to all my lovely readers. It has been a long time since I last posted I know, so I wanted to come on and say hey to you all and let you know what I have been up to lately.

So the reason for my absence has been work overload, not in a hugely bad way, we have been starting to do a few different things at school such as taking on new schemes. I have started doing more to enhance my role as English and Forest School lead which means new courses and extra work. So while it has been quite tiring and overwhelming I am excited for the journey ahead. I think it is going to make a fantastic difference to our small school!

As for this current moment I am absolutely full of cold and it has caused some elements of my fatigue to rear its ugly head, so this weekend I am doing not a lot of anything except sitting on the sofa trying to breathe! So what better time to whip out my laptop with a lemsip and speak to you lovely lot?!

My blogging and bookstagramming have taken a bit of a backseat thus far and it has helped me to realise that I was doing too much in terms of reading - I was signing up to all the book tours, accepting lots of new author requests and generally making reading less fun. Since I have stopped that I am enjoying reading more and slowing my pace has meant there is less pressure to finish books by a certain time. (Although I did recently join a few buddy reads and will continue that as it is so fun to discuss books as you read along)

Ᏼꪮꪮkเ᥉h Ɲꫀᥕ᥉

Lady sat reading on a bed with toast and tea on a table next to her

This year I have decided rather than signing up to lots of reading with deadlines and time restrictions I have signed up for some yearly challenges which mean I can read as I choose and hopefully complete some prompts along the way, these challenges are as follows:

Bookish Beige Flags 24 - Hosted by Bookasaurus Bex on Instagram

This one sounded so fun, it is not meant to be a serious challenge, but more a fun way to celebrate being a bookstagrammer and some of the things we end up doing! Things like choosing a book because TikTok/instagram made us do it but then letting it gather dust on our shelves! I have no doubt that I will be able to cross off quite a few of these prompts this year.

Diverse reads 24 hosted by Bookasaurus Bex on Instagram

Bex does set up the best yearly challenges! This one celebrates books that help us read outside of our comfort zone. My go to books are thrillers and romance but it is always fun to branch out into a more diverse way of reading and these prompts do just that. Giving me themes that I might not normally pick up. I say every year that I want to read more diverse books and Bex helps me to do that!

Kindle Crush Challenge 24 hosted by Audrey @Hookmeabook on instagram

This one is to help us clear some of our kindle back log, I myself have 276 unread books on my kindle (I know shocking!) so this will be a great way to remind myself to read at least one of them every month. I will try to pick some of the ones that have been on there the longest too!

Non Fiction Pick and Mix Challenge hosted by Audrey as above

This one I am excited to be a part of as I rarely reach for a non fiction book so this will encourage me to move outside my normal reading pattern. I have already read one for this month. Bill Bryson -Shakespeare, I found it really interesting, and quite shocking about how very little we actuallyt know about this man! He really was an enigma.

I think these challenges will be a great way for me to broaden my reading choices and also knock some books off my ever growing TBR!

Ꮮเƒꫀ᥉tᥡᥣꫀ Ɲꫀᥕ᥉

Woman stood admiring a view of the valley before her

Two women having afternoon tea

Along with bookish content, as I have expressed before I will also be branching out into more lifestyle and self care territory. It is something that really interests me so I hope that you will enjoy some more of the varied content I plan to bring to my blog.

I would love to talk about lots of different subjects, different aspect of self care, places I have been, things I have enjoyed. Hopefully it will bring my readers pleasure.

So there we go, that was my first post of 2024. I hope to speak with you again soon!

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I'm trying really hard to stop signing up for review books too, but even being more selective I find myself continuing to sign up anyway! Good luck with your challenges and I hope you are able to get done what you want. Look forward to your new posts this year! Post as you want and enjoy, it's not worth doing something you're not enjoying.

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It's hard isn't it? There are so many great books and tours out there! Thankyou, I hope your year of blogging goes well too. Here's to 2024!

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