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A tiger named Lee by Sinead Murphy [Book review]

Welcome to my stop, the final stop on the blog tour hosted by Lovebookstours for this fabulous little children's book A Tiger named Lee by Sinead Murphy.

I received an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review, this has in no way influenced my review and all thoughts are my own.


Lee is a tiny tiger who lives with his Mum in the safety of his treetop house. There he feels safe from the dangers of the dark jungle below. But one wild stormy night, Lee and his Mum are thrown to the ground and Lee is forced to face his fears in order to help her. A Tiger named Lee tells the story of a timid little tiger who refuses to leave his tree-top perch and go down to the jungle floor for fear of what may lie there. However, he and his Mum are thrown from the tree on a stormy night and the little tiger has to overcome his fears.

My thoughts

I read this book with my 4 year old and we loved it. It was such a sweet tale of overcoming your fears and not letting things stop you from experiencing the world. Lee was very scared of all the animals living in the jungle below him and doesn't want to venture down to the ground, however he has to be brave and find a way to help his mom. When he does this he realises that things are not as bad as he first thought and is surprised to find that it is actually fun in the jungle!

I thought this gave a great message in a fun way that we should try not to let our fears take over, it is always worth trying something as you never know what might happen, you might find you actually enjoy something that first scared you. It teaches that resilience is a great strength to have, and it is not a weakness to ask others for help.

My little one loved the rhymes and fun animals that came out of the jungle to join Lee, and the illustrations were gorgeous. I loved the different text types, they really drew the eye and made words jump out of the page.

I recommend this book to parents and teachers alike, it is a great story which can bring about discussion with children about how to be brave and push yourself even if you feel scared or uncomfortable.

About the author

Sinéad Murphy is an Irish author, television Director, and filmmaker. 'A Tiger named Lee' is Sinéad's debut picture book, published in 2021 by Tiny Tree Children's Books. Sinéad wrote ‘A Tiger Named Lee,’ for her young daughter to show her that it’s normal to have fears and worries and that help is always there if you ask for it.

You can purchase a copy of this book using this link:

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Damion Founde
Damion Founde
Jul 07, 2021

My son would love this! he Loves any book that has animals in Plus the teddy is cute

thanks for the review

Jul 07, 2021
Replying to

Look out for Just being Ted too. Reviewed on here in June. It's about a dragon and really sweet!

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