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A wedding at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland (Book tour review)

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Front cover of a Wedding at Hedgehog Hollow

Hello!!! So I've not written a post in a while, I had lots of plans for posts over Christmas and New year but unfortunately post-viral fatigue had other ideas! So instead I had to take a break from reading and writing on my blog as it just wasn't something I could focus on. I am beginning to recover slowly and so have been able to read a little more than I could before so what better way to come back to my blog than with a review for the delightful book 'A wedding at Hedgehog Hollow' by Jessica Redland. I would like to express my thanks to Jessica, Rachels random resources and Netgalley for allowing me an ARC of this book.


It's time for the wedding we've all been waiting for... Life at Hedgehog Hollow is never dull, although Samantha hopes that the new year ahead will be a little less chaotic as she prepares to marry the love of her life, Josh. But disaster strikes when she checks the rescue centre's bank account after the festive season and discovers it has been emptied. Who would do such a thing, and why? With the future of Hedgehog Hollow now in jeopardy, planning a wedding has lost its shine. Phoebe is desperate to escape the shadow of her family, infamously known for their attacks on Samantha's beloved rescue centre. Could the kindness of the Hedgehog Hollow team be the chance she needs for a fresh start, or will her family's secrets continue to drag her back?

My thoughts

This book was an absolute delight but let's be honest it's written by Jessica Redland so we know it will be fabulous! I recently found her work and have read a number of her books now, all of which have been gorgeous, this one did not disappoint!

It is the fourth book in the Hedgehog Hollow series: I have to admit I haven't read the first three books but that didn't detract from the book at all. It was totally possible to read it as a stand alone novel, I didn't feel like I was lost in the story at all. There were many references to things that had happened in the past which gave context and the characters current dilemmas were only loosely based on previous stories so I could keep up with the story extremely well.

I loved meeting Samantha and her Hedgehog hospital, it was so lovely to read about the little creatures and learn some new facts about them such as ballooning (that was so interesting) I love hedgehogs so it was lovely to read about a place devoted to their care. It has inspired me to hunt out my local hedgehog rescue centre in case we have any that need help.

The other characters in the story were a delight too. Fizz was exuberant and fabulous, Joel was just the right amount of supportive, Phoebe was secretive but for good reason, her and Darcies journey was so complex and devastating but they stood out as strong characters. Darcie was written as such a gorgeous and happy child despite her experiences it was a joy to read!

I shall have to head back now and read the first three! I hope there are more adventures to come from Hedgehog hollow too, I will be excited to find out what there is in store for our characters in the story.

About the author:

Jessica Redland is the top 10 bestselling author of over thirteen novels, including The Secret to Happiness. Inspired by her hometown of Scarborough she writes uplifting women’s fiction which has garnered many devoted fans.

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