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Allied by Sarah Biglow and Molly Zenk: Book Blitz

I am very excited to be bringing you news of this book published today! Thank you to Lovebookstours for allowing me to be a part of this exciting day and letting me share with you a highly anticipated sequel! This book fits completely within my chosen genres and I know I will be heading out to grab a copy of this and the prequel 'hunted' to read all about it!


The sequel to Hunted is upon us...

Six weeks after Edith and her vampire family were exiled from their clan, Darren waits at the rendezvous, poised for a reunion that might never come. With every passing day, his hope of ever seeing the vampire who showed him what it means to be human again dwindles.

On the run from Hunters and her own clan alike, Edith strives to protect those in her care, all the while fighting to get back to Darren and the family she’d long dreamed of. But even when their paths do cross again, reunion comes at a cost.

When Mr. Heartsong brazenly declares war on all humanity, allegiances will be tested. Will Edith side with the man she’s come to believe may be her destiny or the creator who gave her a second chance at life?

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling Authors Sarah Biglow and Molly Zenk are the authors of the Captivity series and the Celestial Academy series. Independently, they write across multi genres including: YA, urban fantasy, historical, and cozy mystery. Sarah lives in Boston with her husband and son. Molly lives in Denver with her husband and three daughters.

Follow them on Facebook: @SarahBiglowAuthor @AuthorMollyZenk

You can buy a copy of this story by following the link below


Well this blitz has certainly got me excited about this book, I hope it has been added to your TBR too. Let me know in the comments if I have intrigued you!

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