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Going Green by Nick Spalding [Book review]

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Going green by Nick Spalding

"It is a beard of consequence. A beard of enormity. A beard of such overwhelming beardness that I'm surprised there aren't other, smaller beards currently circling in its gravitational influence."

Title: Going Green

Author: Nick Spalding

Publishing date: 8th December 2020

Source: ARC from Netgalley

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5

This is my first of Nick Spaldings novels and I found it very enjoyable. It is a light-hearted book based around the serious topic of climate change and current environmental issues.

In this story we meet Ellie, a girl who is so far from 'Green' she can barely see it in the distance. She drives a fuel guzzling monstrosity which emits noxious gases every once in a while much to the alarm of passers by, spends the majority of her wage on clothes from primark only for them to sit unworn in her wardrobe, drinks from single use plastic, eats as much meat as she can fit on a BBQ and has no idea what is happening in the world around her regarding the plight of the planet. So when the PR firm she works at is taken over by an earnest, environmentally friendly enthusiast intent on rebranding the companies image she knows she has to do something drastic to keep her job!

What ensues is a comedy of errors of extreme proportions as she attempts to prove just how conscious of the environment she is. From joining protests to wearing underwear made out of hemp she does everything she can to prove her worth at the company and show how much she cares for the planet. But is it enough? Will her plan to be more 'green' become more than just a ploy to keep her job?

I did enjoy this book. It was very light hearted and there were many laugh out loud moments, so much so that after one particular outburst , my three year old wanted to know what was so funny. Imagine inappropriately dancing around in some Bridget Jones style pants made of hemp and you have some idea.

At times I did find the writing style a little overwhelming, there was so much detail and description surrounding all of Ellies thoughts that it sometimes came across as frantic. All of her escapades were extremely chaotic and sometimes a bit too cringeworthy, I found myself willing that not all her ventures would turn into such calamities. However the story did wind in a nice direction and there were some unexpected parts along the way, I felt satisfied in her journey by the end of the story.

If you enjoy a laugh out loud, comedy of errors with outlandish characters and a passionate (if not extremely chaotic) leading lady then you will enjoy this book. It is an easy read once you get used to the energetic way it is written and is full of funny, original scenes; from plastic Narwhals to taco eating cockatoos. Overall I am glad I read it and it has reignited my own passion for 'going green'.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with opportunity to sample this book before release.


About the Author

Nick Spalding is a bestselling comedy author. He worked in media and marketing before turning his hand to writing. He lives in the south of England with his wife.

You can find more information on his website and follow him on twitter or instagram.

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