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Lily and the wipe monster by Kristian Wheater & Jonathon Owens [Book review]

Hi guys! So continuing with my foray into children's literature reviews, I wanted to share a review of a book I recently came across called Lily and the Wipe Monster by Kristian Wheater and Jonathon Owens. The book is illustrated by Duncan Beedie. Copies of this lovely book are being hidden around the UK today as part of a campaign for the book fairies #GreenBookFairies month. The book aims to 'shed light on a very smelly truth'. I hope some of your children are lucky enough to find a copy hiding somewhere near you!

Cover of Lily and the wipe monster
Lily and the Wipe Monster

The book was created by Pura, a company taking on the fight with plastic and creating sustainable wipes for families everywhere. The book is Pura’s fun but educational children’s picture book about fatbergs. You can see a video of Ashley Banjo reading it on their blog here. Ashley Banjo is a huge advocate of their products and is one of many ambassadors who want to change the world bit by bit.

Pura is founded by a couple who, as their friends were starting families, saw a staggering amount of wipes in their households and out and about, they realised just how many plastic wipes were being used around the world for many families and the high level of plastic within them. They wanted to create an eco-friendly version that was affordable for families, and so Pura was born. You can read all about their journey and their products here.


Lily is a smart, caring girl who always tries to do the right thing. So when she finds out her family has been flushing plastic wipes down the loo for years, she embarks on a mission to make things right. With a little help from a very large and very stinky new friend....

My thoughts

This book was a lovely eco story about the problems with using plastic wipes and flushing them down the toilet. It was a reminder to us all of the issues we are facing through plastic pollution, wipes being an item that not everyone realises contains plastic and so does not bio degrade.

There are links to discussions about plastic pollution and the effects it is having on our sealife and the damage it causes. It also looks at how we can make a difference, through little actions and spreading the word of plastic pollution. It shows the importance of everyone doing their bit, no matter how small. Small steps lead to huge change! It also looks at how we can talk about the problem and together build a voice loud enough to be heard and make a difference, if enough people become aware of the problems we are facing, then something can be done together to remedy the effects.

I thought the book had an absolutely great and important message which was told in a fun way for children to relate to. I think these kinds of books are absolutely vital in the fight against plastic pollution, as the children are the future. If they can be educated now then hopefully their future will become a brighter place to live.

Lily and the wipe monster is a lovely picture book that highlights the plight our world faces with plastic pollution. If you would like a copy of this book, head over to Pura's website and subscribe to their bundles, you will receive a free book with your order.

I wish I had known about them when we were still using wipes daily with our little one!

Have a look at their website here....

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Jul 19, 2021

What a brilliant children's book and a great way to teach kids about sustainability. It's definitely something I'll buy for my nephew as he gets bigger x

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