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Mike Nero and the Superhero School {Book tour review @lovebookstours}

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I would like to begin by thanking Love Books Tours and Natasha Carlow for allowing me an ARC copy of this delightful children's book., I really enjoyed this story - highlighting the seen and unseen disabilities that surround us and how they can be shared and championed.

Front cover of Mike Nero and the Superhero school


"Can I tell you something about this school? You see this isn’t a regular school. This is a superhero school..."

First days can be tough, especially for someone as shy as Mikey but Mikey’s new school is a little different. On his first day, he meets his principal and some incredible children who help him discover his own superpower within and he learns that no matter what we may look like on the outside, everyone has something that makes them valuable.

Can Mikey learn to use his newfound superpower to make his school a better place for all students?

My thoughts

I was taken by surprise by this book in such a great way. From the beginning as I realised the theme of the book it made me smile from ear to ear! Reading about all these amazing children and their powers was so charming and heart warming. It brings to children's attention the ways in which other children and adults can be different, but shows that different is good and we can accept and love each other regardless. In fact differences can be empowering!

It was such a treat a book that was so positive and life affirming, I know that sharing this book in schools; and parents reading it to their children will help towards accepting others and having a little more understanding about the difficulties some people have to overcome in their lives.

We are all superheroes and should treat each other as such.

Author Bio

Natasha is a wife and mother of two amazing rainbow babies. She resides in Trinidad and Tobago, where she works as an Itinerant Counsellor working in Youth and Guidance. She is the author of the award-winning Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies, which tells the story of how faith brought healing and hope to her family after the pain and loss of miscarriages. Her experience with grief and loss moved her to create avenues for other families in her country experiencing similar things. She is a contributing writer at and Her View from Home. Inspired by her son, Natasha wrote her newest book MIke Nero and the Superhero School which focuses on a young boy with special needs and how he comes to discover the superhero within himself. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking fancy restaurant meals at home and eating them in her pajamas.

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