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Moving house.. A fond farewell.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Stock picture of house for sale

So as some of you may know we moved house this week after 13 happy years in our first family home.

Moving day was Tuesday and was met with much excitement for our new adventure, absolute stress at the speed in which it all came about and a little bag of nerves wrapped in a cosy blanket of nostalgia.

The day had been long awaited.... Having sold our house in June it felt like we had been waiting for this next step for ages. We were desperate to get the next part of our life started but felt some trepidation about what it would entail. The constant packing and decluttering went some way to distracting us! By the time moving day came around we were chomping at the bit to get going, but all of a sudden we were given a date and the whole idea, which had seemed like an abstract dream before, was suddenly a very stark reality.

The day itself went very smoothly. Our removal firm were amazing and made the whole thing really simple from start to finish. If anyone is planning a house move in the future I highly recommend using a removal company as they completely take the stress out of the day. They had arrived and packed our entire house into the lorry in under two hours. No mean feat considering the sheer volume of boxes we had! Our little two bedroom house was an absolute tardis!

Before we knew it we were left alone in an empty shell, looking at the shapes and shadows of time imprinted upon the carpet. The house was silent and every room echoed without furniture to soak up the sound.

Leaving the house for the last time was harder than I thought. It felt like a momentous occasion saying farewell to the home that we had started our family in. Especially when our three year old went up to his bedroom and said "Thank you and goodbye". That certainly brought about a misty eye!

However, the sadness was soon overtaken by excitement as we got the call every house mover waits for with baited breath.... The sale was complete and we were ready to go! We breathed a sigh of relief and left our keys ready for the new owners before walking out of the door to our home for the last time.

This day was the end of an era for us. The house we had built our lives in held so many happy memories. These memories will follow us wherever we go. We will always remember our 'disaster shack' with fondness and possibly a little exasperation at how uneven the walls were, and that there was not one single right angled wall!!

Now it is time to move onto the next chapter in our lives. New home, new memories, but same old us! Here's to our new adventures! May the next 13 years be as good to us.

So long old house, you were brilliant and served us well. I hope the next owner has as much fun with you as we did!

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