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Myrtle the Turtle by Chris Jones - {Book tour review}

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Welcome to my blog today where I will be sharing a review with you for the lovely children's book Myrtle the Turtle. Thank you to love books tours for allowing me a copy of this book to enjoy and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Blog tour poster for Myrtle the Turtle


Did you know there are only around 700 hawksbill turtles left on the planet? Myrtle is one such turtle.

This beautiful children’s picture book tells her story and introduces us to the challenges climate change poses for these beautiful creatures. Narrated through perfect rhyme, Myrtle’s story blends positivity with a dose of realism.

Climate change is something none of us can ignore. Yet the story of Myrtle does not seek to scare or intimidate young minds. Rather, the message is of hope and inspiration.

Explore this beautiful and heart-warming story that champions the beauty of our normal world and the wonders of conservation.

Recommended age group is 3-9.

My thoughts

I read this book with my 4 year old as a bedtime story and we really enjoyed it. The illustrations are beautiful and the book is written in rhyme which makes it really lovely to listen to and enjoy. The book was filled with little facts about Hawksbill turtles and their plight. At one point I was slightly worried that the capturing of her friend Ralphie, I was worried that it would upset my son as he is quite sensitive and the detail was quite honest and sad, but he took it fairly well.

The book spans over decades to show how the world has changed and how things have become much more difficult for marine life in that time. It discussed the change in the climate and the sea levels as well as plastic pollution, all in a way that opened up for discussion with children about what is happening in our world today. I would like to add this book to our school library as I think it is a great way to discuss the topic of climate change and global warming as well as pollution with our children, in a way that can help us begin to come up with some solutions for our future generations. I enjoyed the positive ending and the suggestion that our children will be the ones to save the world and make the changes we need. As this is certainly the case.

"As you go through your life, we hope you....
see and enjoy nature with your own eyes,
listen to scientists with your own ears,
and then make up your own mind."

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