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Siggy loves Sausages by @BrianFredAuthor {Book blitz} @lovebookstours @lovebooksgroup

I am very excited to bring you today’s post celebrating a new children’s book by Brian Frederick, the book is called Siggy Loves Sausages and i will be reviewing it for a book tour at the end of the month. The book was published on 18th July 2021.


A little dachshund ensues on a chase of something sparkly floating through the

sky, vowing to return it to its rightful owner. Follow Siggy as he dashes through the

village, saying hello to his friends and neighbors, but staying focused on the task at

hand. Will Siggy be able to keep his promise?

Come along for a joyful, rollicking tale with vibrant illustrations, sharing in the

happiness and beauty of everyday life. Young children will enjoy the escapades of

sweet little Siggy while learning lessons about keeping promises and unexpected


Author Bio Children’s book author Brian Frederick knew he wanted to be a writer at a young age, having won prizes and praise for his early stories. When he writes, he finds himself entering a bubble and his mind wanders in an imaginary world, providing him with great creativity.

You can buy A copy of this book via this link…..

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