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The Alice Equation [Book review]

Title: The Alice Equation

Author: Davina Stone

Publish date: 8th January 2021

Source: BookSiren

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Alice Montgomery’s life is like Groundhog Day. Five years after graduating, she’s still working in her mum’s bookshop, hiding her stash of romance novels under the bed and pining for the gorgeous guy who helped her over a panic attack before her final uni exam.

Aaron Blake loves to party—hard. His idea of commitment to anything other than his legal career is strictly three months. Until landing a job with the most prestigious—but conservative—law firm in town means he has to convince the partners he’s deeply committed to family values.

Aaron needs a fake date fast—and who could be safer than his bookish friend Alice?


Firstly I would like to thank BookSirens for offering me this ARC in return for an honest review. If you would like to review books you can check out their website here.

This book was an absolute winner for me. I love chick-lit and rom com genres and this one was no disappointment. Davina Stone fills the story with just the right amount of character development, trials for them to overcome (personally and together) comedy, supporting cast, romance and enough lusty behaviour to get the reader hot under the collar!

The story follows the lives of Alice and Aaron. Friends from university who have been close for a long time. Unfortunately not in the way Alice would have liked. She has spent the years suffering in unrequited love and is unsure what to do about it. Aaron lands his dream job, however in order to secure it he needs to show himself as a man with family values so decides to pretend Alice is his girlfriend, much to her dismay. Can they keep up the charade and keep Aaron his job? Or will the act all become too much to handle?

This was a bundle of fun, each character had a range of quirks and emotion. Both protagonists had their own secrets and problems lurking in the past that threatened to upset all that they knew in the present. The back stories were nicely explained and the team of supporting characters were entertaining. There were characters to love and those who irked. My particular favourite was Polly and her cheeky humour, she was a strong bubbly force of nature and brought such frivolity to Alice’s life, imagine my joy when I discovered she would be getting her own story explained in the next book 😍

The hurdles Alice and Aaron overcame and journey they shared struck the perfect tone throughout, both characters grew in a very satisfying way across the pages and there was a delightful amount of raunchiness added into the mix!

Overall it was a great page turner which I enjoyed reading immensely. I look forward to her next book, The Polly Principle. I will most certainly be adding Davina Stone to my list of coveted authors.

Today is the release date of this book and I honestly think if you enjoy a rom com you will love this book. I will include the link to Amazon for you to buy her book. I have no affiliate links I just highly recommend it!!

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