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The Sunday Post #3 - 6th December

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Good evening!

I'm a bit late in the night to be joining the Sunday Post but I still have a few hours left of the day so I shall count it as a win!

So this last few weeks have been so busy. We are still on mission unpack while working hard and entertaining a toddler who is doing his best impression of a whirling dervish. Anytime we put something away he unpacks two more things so we live in a constant state of upside downness!!

Work has been quite hard this week, I'm definitely feeling the end of Autumn term slog, however the children's smiling faces are helping me push through and there are only two weeks left of term before the Christmas holiday!!! This holiday is going to be very different this year usually I have a jam packed calendar full of family meet ups and present swaps, festive parties arranged, drinks and food to eat with friends. It's such a shame that all that has been put on hold this year. However I will look to the positive, in that we get to have Christmas in our own house for the very first time! We bought a Christmas tree which just looks stunning in the living room, we will have lots of food and drink to eat, Christmas films on repeat and myself, hubby and R will have a delightful time. We may be able to see some other family if we are lucky but we will make the best of it!

Ho ho ho readathon - hosted by the Caffeinated reviewer

I only managed to get one book read for the #HoHoHoRAT which to be honest I am amazed I managed to do at all given how crazy the last few weeks have been! At least I completed one though - It was 'One Christmas Night' by Hayley Webster you can read my review here.

I have written a guest blog post for the lovely author Hayley Walsh this week too, that will be on her website this month. I will share it as soon as it is live. In the mean time check out her website here. I am reading her book Making March currently so the review will be here soon, watch this space.....


Books I have bought


I managed to get a few bargains this week which I am looking forward to read.

Crayons and Chaos by Hayley Walsh - This Novella was free on Amazon for a limited time so I have downloaded it for a chance to review it.

A Winters Cobalt Kiss - Eva Alton - Again this one was offered for free by the author for a limited time.

Christmas Island - Natalie Normann I have wanted to read this one for a while so when I saw it was on offer for 99p I couldn't resist!


Books received from Authors


I have been reached out to by a few authors the last two weeks via twitter and via my blog which is always wonderful. I have been gifted few books to read and review so I am really looking forward to getting stuck in once I have worked my way through my current TBR.

Mine - Jason Horton - A novella promising romance and suspense (free until midnight tonight on books2read)

Wrong guy, right room - Michelle Angelle - A sexy romcom with a second chance love an an HEA.

The path of good response - Steve Frogley - A dystopian novel filled with some very strange would you rathers.


Previously on the blog



Coming up on the blog

  • Review of Making March by Hayley Webster

  • My getting ready for Christmas blog

  • Review of Dibs by Allison Martine

Well that's me done for the week! Have a great week everyone.

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