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The Sunday Post #4 - 27th December 2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Sunday post #4

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme

Happy Sunday everyone!!

It's been a while since my last Sunday post and I think I will keep it that way. My life is not that exciting that I have that much to report on a weekly basis 😆 so I will join the post at the end of every month to do a monthly wrap up.

So the month of December is always a crazy one and this one was no exception. I finished school for the holidays, finished preparing for Christmas, Tier 4 was created, the Christmas lockdown rules were changed and Christmas was celebrated. Its been non stop!


🎅 Christmas 🎄


I hope you all had an absolutely lovely Christmas. We loved it, although it was quiet as we had no extended Christmas bubbles in our house. Me, my husband and my son got to spend our first ever Christmas on our own in our new house! This is the first time we have ever spent a Christmas at home, we are normally at one parents or another's which I absolutely love. Getting to spend Christmas surrounded by loved ones is a privilege that we have always been lucky enough to have, I thought it would be really sad not sharing the day with them all as normal.

While it was strange and sad not being with the extended family, it was a different kind of awesome. R woke up in his own bed with a stocking full of gifts from Santa and we got to do as we pleased all day long. Also R had asked for a trampoline from Santa and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to deliver that to the grandparents houses!! We were able to spend some quality time with both families via facetime (God bless modern technology) and they got to see R open all of his presents. It was still a magical day. R dressed as batman and was suitably hyper the whole of Christmas and boxing day, he has only really calmed down today!

Boxing day we continued to chill and play with Rs gifts. We were a little concerned when Storm Bella began to show her windy face, that the trampoline might end up down the street but thankfully the anchors that Santa and his Elves used held fast and R is able to continue bouncing today!


Book News


I was approached this month to join a new company, The Book Sirens, which offers ARCs to readers in return for an honest review. Since I have started my blog I have been blown away by all the kindness and new opportunities in the bookish community.

It is so exciting to be offered a new book that is not out yet, I feel like I've been trusted with

something secret and special!

I have signed up and chosen my first book to review.

The Alice Equation by Davina Stone

Alice Montgomery’s life is like Groundhog Day. Five years after graduating, she’s still working in her mum’s bookshop, hiding her stash of romance novels under the bed and pining for the gorgeous guy who helped her over a panic attack before her final uni exam.

Aaron Blake loves to party—hard. His idea of commitment to anything other than his legal career is strictly three months. Until landing a job with the most prestigious—but conservative—law firm in town means he has to convince the partners he’s deeply committed to family values.

Aaron needs a fake date fast—and who could be safer than his bookish friend Alice?

Sounds like this will be right up my street. Watch out for my review!

Other books I have been offered to read this month are:

The imposter by  Marin Montgomery - book cover

From the Amazon bestselling author of What we forgot to Bury comes a twisted psychological tale of a mother and daughters mind-bending descent into the truth.

Unspoken by Guvna B - book cover

Men are bold. Men are brave. Men are strong in the face of fear. But what happens when that strength crumbles?

In this intimate and honest memoir Guvna B draws on his personal experiences to explore how toxic masculinity affects young men today.


This month on the blog



Coming up on the blog

  • My year round up

  • My top ten books from 2020

  • Review of The imposter

  • Review of Queenie

  • Interview with Clare Bates author of Childrens book 'Baboon on the Moon'

  • Review of The Alice Equation

Well that's a wrap from me. I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and hope you are able to celebrate the arrival of 2021 in style! I'm off to watch Ratatouille with the boys!

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Yes it was quiet but really lovely being in our new home. And like you said Izabel joining the family via the Internet was just fabulous. Having that around at a time of pandemic has been a blessing! I am excited about the Alice equation too Tash I will let you know what it's like. Happy new year to you both


Izabel Brekilien
Izabel Brekilien

It was a singular Christmas but it must have been so great to have your first Christmas in your own home ! And even if you weren't with your family, you were able to join them through internet - such a great invention, especially in those days. Have a great month and happy new year in advance :)


Natasha Evans
Natasha Evans

I'm glad you managed to have a lovely Christmas - sometimes the small family ones are some of the best. I really like the sound of The Alice Equation too!

Tash - A Girl with a View

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