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The Sunday Post #5

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme

I never have enough to share on a weekly basis but I have too much to share this month to wait till the end! So much book joy to share in this post!

Well the month of January has been a strange one. With the uncertainty of what was happening after the Christmas holidays to then be thrown straight back into national lockdown on the second day of term. Heavy snow and disruptions followed by flooding in many areas, and now snow again! Quite a mad month. Coming to terms with being back at home except for our daily walks, remote learning and being in school has been another large adjustment. But hey at least I have my books!!!

Speaking of books here are the delights I have added to my library this year so far. My poor bank balance has not enjoyed being back in lockdown 🤣🤪


Books I have bought


I may have got a little carried away this month with all the fabulous kindle deals on Amazon! I picked up some absolute winners! 2021 is going to be a great year of reading. I'm hoping to actually make a dent on my kindle library!!

The other Bennett sister - Janice Hadlow

This one looks like a fabulous tale. Aimed at lovers of Jane Austen. Mary Bennett is the plainest of her 5 sisters, spending her days engrossed in books, what hope does she have of finding marriage? As she watches her sisters all being married off she resigns herself to a life of solitude.....

Killjoy - Holly Jackson

This one I am super excited about. I have pre-ordered it as it comes out on the 18th February. It is the prequel to A good girls guide to murder which I absolutely loved!! I also have the sequel Good girl bad blood in my TBR pile which I can't wait to read!!!

Just eat it - Laura Thomas PhD

I have wanted to read this one for a while so when it went down to 99p I couldn't resist. This will help towards my new year goals of eating intuitively and ditching the diets once and for all.

Women don't owe you pretty - Florence Given

I have seen this book all over bookstagram lately. It looks like a fabulous read.

Women Don't Owe You Pretty is the ultimate book for anyone who wants to challenge the out-dated narratives supplied to us by the patriarchy.

Through Florence's story you will learn how to protect your energy, discover that you are the love of your own life, and realise that today is a wonderful day to dump them.

Florence Given is here to remind you that you owe men nothing, least of all pretty.

I want to add more diverse books to my tbr this year so what better way to start?

The vanishing half - Brit Bennett

Another book to diversify my reading this bestseller has been piquing my interest on social media. It challenges the consequences of racism and living different lives. I am very excited to read it!

The Night bus Hero - Onjali Q Rauf

I purchased this one as a new book club read. I found a teachers book club over on Instagram through bookclubz which I have joined up with. This is our jan/Feb read.

Blonde Roots - Bernadine Everisto

Although I haven't read Girl, Woman, Other yet I was enticed by this second book by the same author. Another book to add to my diversity pile. This dystopian novel about a 'whytey' kidnapped and sold into slavery sounds extememely interesting!

The Next stage - Gareth Ellis

This one was free on Amazon so my bank balance breathed a sigh of relief that day! A dystopian story surrounding a group of murderous AIs in Washington. Could be an interesting one!




I signed up to Audible for a free monthly trial as I have never really given audioboooks a go. Now I have a good commute to work I figured that would be a great way to get in some more reading time!

Thursday Murder Club

This is my current listen. I love the narrator I think her voice matches perfectly to the style of the book. A group of elderly decide to spice up their days by investigating a murder with the help of the police. It is enjoyable. I do find myswlf drifting off and having to rewind quite a bit. Not sure if that is just listening to an audiobook rather than the actual story as there have been plenty of laugh out loud moments!

Ready player two

I watched the first one as a film and loved it (I know sacrilige) but I hadn't realised it was based on a book. So when I saw this one on audible I thought it would be worth a listen!


Book/ARCs I have been gifted


During January I joined a Kindle RAOK over on Instagram (those things are fabulous but I spend a fortune 🤣)

I gifted a few books to others and was lucky enough to receive a couple back!

The bench - Saskia Sarginson

The most romantic novel of 2020, this is a tragic love story spanning three decades where the love affair starts and ends on a bench.

I mean what is not to love here?!

One moment- Linda Green

Two characters meet and unbeknownst to them it will change their lives forever.

This is penned as a tragic heartbreaking story with lots of tears on the horizon. I'm sold! A book that can make me cry for hours is a good book indeed, I hope it lives up to the hype!

As well as this I have been lucky enough to be approved for a number of ARCs through Netgalley and BookSirens.

I am super excited about all of these. Having only been approved for 2 books on Netgalley before this, to be approved for all these in one month was so exciting!!

Minus Me - Mameve Medwed

Her life turned upside down by a grim diagnosis, a small-town Maine woman sets about writing a "How To" life manual for her handsome yet hapless husband.

I received this via Book Sirens UK in return for an honest review. It looks to be a tear jerker! Hopefully I won't spend the majority of my months crying over books!

Black Widows - Cate Quinn

I received this ARC from Netgalley. A tense thriller set within the Mormon Latter day saints Community. A man is found murdered, his wife did it, but which one? A really interesting take on polygamous relationships and the patriarchy within this religion. You can find my review here.


Previously on the blog


Follow the links above to read my reviews and posts.


Coming up next on the blog

  • ARC reviews

  • Starting some new memes to share more bookish love

  • I have signed up for my first ever book tour with YA Novel 'Dragonfly girl' so will be reviewing for that! Watch this space!

  • Two book club books to be read and finished before the end of February.

Well that's me done for this post (phew that was a lot of book love to share with you all!) Who knows what the next Sunday Post will bring..... maybe the end of lockdown? We can only hope.

Until then keep safe everyone I know where I'll be, at home with a good book!

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Enjoy all your new books! I loved Ready Player One as well (I saw the movie before I listened to the books). I'm excited for Ready player two because I like Wil Wheaton (the narrator)!

Gefällt mir
28. Feb. 2021
Antwort an

Ooh I like Will Wheaton too so should be a good listen! 👍

Gefällt mir

12. Feb. 2021

Thanks the spread made me so happy! 😁

Gefällt mir

Danielle Hammelef
Danielle Hammelef
12. Feb. 2021

I enjoyed seeing the covers of all your new books! You chose a great variety too. I always try to mix up my reading to keep things fresh and interesting. Good luck with your personal February reading goals!

Gefällt mir

Lisa Mandina
Lisa Mandina
09. Feb. 2021

Looks like you got some good books. I loved the audiobook of Ready Player One, it's one of the books that really got me listening to audiobooks. Next credit I get with Audible I will get Ready Player Two. Hope February is going okay for you.

<a href="">Lisa Loves Literature</a>

Gefällt mir

05. Feb. 2021

Thanks I still love looking at all these beautiful book covers!

Gefällt mir
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