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The Sunday Post #6 February 28th

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme

Hello everyone! It's been a whirlwind of a month this February. It started slowly; dark, snowy and cold but has ended with sunny days and a glimmer of hope for the future. There seems to be some light at the end of the pandemic shaped tunnel which has cheered the nation up no end! Its still a way off, but the thought that life might actually get back to normal is enough to see us through! And with the announcements came sun 🌞 almost as if the world heard Bojos speech and decided that it would celebrate with the start of spring! I'm certainly not complaining!

So this month has been a delight in terms of new books added to my glorious home library. Hubby has started marking out lines on the walls for my bookshelves which is very exciting! Soon they will be on display and out of the boxes they have been stored in since our move last November!


Books I've bought or been gifted



ARCs / Author requests


I have been extremely lucky to be approved by Netgalley and Booksirens for some fantastic looking books this month. I think I am most excited about Greenwich Park as I really loved the sound of the book after hearing the author talking on the ‘Bloomsbury Night In’ event I attended in January!! I hope there is another of those events soon!

Greenwich Park - Katherine Faulkner Publish date 15 April 2021

Waiting to begin - Amanda Prowse - Publish date 8 June 2021

War and Peace (Easy classics) Leo Tolstoy - Adapted by Gemma Bardner - 10 June 2021

You and me on vacation by Emily Henry - Publish date 8 July 2021

The Crowns of Croswald by D.E Night - Publish date 21 July 2017

Fear of flying by Kate Allen - Publish date 8 February 2021

Death by diploma by Kelley Kaye - Publish date 23 February 2016

Through the fabulous bookish community on Twitter and Instagram I have met a lot of amazing authors who have offered to share their work with me. I feel extremely privileged that someone would value my opinion of their writing and I will always endeavour to read and review books if they fit within my chosen genres.

If you would like to see what the books are about or even add them to your own TBR I have included the links to Goodreads for the ARCs and Amazon for those that have been published. I will be reading and reviewing them over the next few months so watch this space!


Previously on the blog



Coming up next on the blog


Dragonfly girl - Book blog tour spot on 6th March

Dog Days - Book blog tour spot

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