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The Younglings- Shadows and Magic by Helena M Cragg {Book tour review}

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I would like to start by thanking Lovebookstours and Helena M Cragg for allowing me a beautiful copy of this book in paperback form, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own! I really enjoyed this mystical YA fantasy novel. I was initially drawn in by the cover, it is so striking and gives hints as who and what is going to be involved. It has all my favourite supernatural elements within one book! Lets find out more before I give you my full thoughts.....

Copy of Shadows and Magic next to a cup of tea


Humans have no idea what lurks in the shadows.

Mortals don’t expect to see supernaturals. Their minds rarely consider the possibility, even when it’s staring them right in the face. I was one such person … until I met my estranged father.

Let me introduce myself. The name is Carter. Quinn Carter. A witty, laid-back, regular guy, who just happens to be half-demon.

Finding out Dad is a demon king was like a sucker punch to the gut. Seriously, I’m a total biological freak. Meeting him was the catalyst for my life tail-spinning into a new world—a world where things of legend are real.

The one positive about this whole situation is the friends I have made. Good friends. But they too have secrets … big secrets. They’re not exactly your average individuals. Turns out demons aren’t the only paranormal creatures out there.

I also need to mention a Vampire Ministry, evil stab-worthy demons, and troubled spirits stranded on the spectral plane. As a consequence, life for my friends and me became a tad problematic.

Being heroes in the mortal realm hadn’t been on anybody’s to-do list, but we had no choice in the matter, and things were about to get very interesting.

My thoughts

This was such a great YA fantasy story. Full of action, suspense and exciting supernatural characters.

Quinn is our main protagonist and the story is told from his perspective. At the beginning of the tale he discovers that he is in fact half demon, which he is not very happy about. I really enjoyed his characters development and his internal struggle with what was happening to him. It was interlaced with the fact that he was a teenager and so had a lot of teenage angst and worries which was a nice touch as the younglings were attempting to fight evil and save the world!

There were lots of lovely side characters with different powers. I enjoyed that the team or 'spook crew' was made up of people with completely different supernatural abilities it made them seem like a teenage band of the Avengers! They were a great band of misfits who all worked well together and shared a great bond. I also loved the grannies! What a fabulous team of guardians they had watching over them!

Throughout the story there was the expected teenage angst, crushes, humour and sarcasm which was enjoyable to read and kept the action entertaining. It was fun to read about a group of heroes who were still at school and still had the teenage dramas to deal with!

Overall I really liked this book and am certainly hoping for more adventures of the spook crew. I think they have many more battles ahead of them, and I'm sure there will be more characters to help them to be discovered.

Author Bio

I live with my husband, son, two cats, chickens and three dogs in the beautiful hills of Yorkshire. I love crystals, Reiki and angels. I’m a little bit obsessed with witchcraft too, but please don’t tell anybody.

I’ve always been an avid reader. There’s nothing better than snuggling down with a good book and visiting faraway lands. Of everything I read, and I read a lot, I have a weakness for the freedom that fantasy offers.

The Younglings—Shadows & Magic is my first published book, and it is the result of a promise I made to my sister before she passed: to publish one of my manuscripts. And here we are. I hope you love Quinn and the team as much as I have loved writing about them.

Has this review tickled your fancy? Will you be adding it to your TBR?

Let me know in the comments!

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