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Tuesday tag - This or that Book tag

Happy Tuesday all!

So today I have been tagged in my first ever blogger tag by the lovely @Lousbooksandstuff so it would be rude not to partake in the event! If you don't follow Lou I highly recommend you do!

Wow two blog posts in one day.... you lucky readers! 🤣


Answer the questions and (explain your answer if you want to!)

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Tag as many bloggers as there are questions

Credit me, And On She Reads, as the author of the tag


Enemies to lovers OR friends to lovers? Oh absolutely enemies to friends. I absolutely love to see the changes to a relationship as the characters start to realise maybe they don't hate each other quite as much as they realised! A great recent example of this was Act your age Eve Brown.

Story told from one perspective OR from multiple perspectives? For me I prefer stories told from one or two perspectives. I like a romance chick lit told from the perspective of both love interest characters as it is fun to see their opinions. Especially when it is an enemies to lovers storyline.

I have enjoyed books from multiple perspectives in the past but they have to be written really well to not become confusing. It is difficult when you can't keep up with the different characters in the story. Nine Perfect Strangers was one such book.

Series OR standalone? I prefer stand alone books. There are so many fantastic books out there that I want to read I struggle to fit in reading a series! Saying that I do have some series that are close to my heart especially the hunger games and twilight books. I also love standalone books by the same author that delve into the lives of a different character in each book. So you can read them independently of each other but they have little links to each other.

One book at a time OR multiple books on the go? I can generally only read one book at a time. I will sometimes have a non fiction work related book open alongside my current read but I do prefer to fully immerse myself into one book at once.

Fiction OR non-fiction? Absolutely fiction every time. Unless it's for work I don't tend to read a lot of non-fiction. I do have some autobiographies and real life books on my shelves to be read but they tend to be passed over for whichever fiction takes my fancy. I love to escape and lose myself in another made up world.

Daytime reading or night-time reading? Mostly night time reading. I have a toddler so the best time to catch up with reading is after he has gone to bed. However I do get to have a morning lie in at the weekend so I always try to get a bit of reading done when I can.

Physical/eBook or Audio? I love physical books. Honestly if I could surround myself in books all day long I would be so happy! I do read a lot of E-books as ARCS but I will always choose a physical book where I can. I love the feel and smell of a real book and the action of turning pages is so therapeutic!

What is your favourite genre of book?

For me my top go to read is always a good chick lit. I love to escape into a happy world where I know the outcome is always going to be the same. There is something familiar about the themes and storylines, knowing there will be trials to overcome but the outcome is always positive. Escapism at its best.

I tag some blog accounts I love to read


@ACEbooks - meeplewatching

@katrinareads No pressure of course! Happy reading!

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