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Unmistakable Inseparable by Marny Meyer [Book review]

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Unmistakable Inseparable by Marny Meyer ebook

Title: Unmistakable Inseparable - Ten German love stories

Author: Marny Meyer

Published: 13th January 2020

Source: Gifted from author

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5

What is it about?

Unmistakable Inseperable is a collection of short stories based on the real life romances of ten couples in Germany. They describe how they met and fell in love with their partners and the obstacles and pitfalls they may have faced before they were able to be together. In many of the stories these couples show the strength and determination they used to overcome adversity.

It discusses the love between LBGT couples, different religions, couples who have long distance to negotiate and more. Each personal story shows how love is found and fought for.

My thoughts

I was very lucky to be approached by the author Marny Meyer and given a copy of her ebook in exchange for an honest review. This was the first author who had got in touch and I felt extremely honoured to be given the responsibility of discussing her book. I have not been endorsed in any way for this review (apart from a free e-copy of the book)

To begin with I found the book a little difficult to get into, I don't usually read short stories and found the abrupt style slightly strange to embrace. I like character development and detail which this book lacked due to the nature of this genre. However the more I read the more I found myself becoming used to the style and the less I noticed the jumping through time.

The ten different stories were very inclusive in the fact that a range of people were interviewed and portrayed, including LBGT couples, different religions and different home countries. It showed the inner struggles of the characters as they fought the obstacles between them and their true love. A married man who unexpectedly discovers that the love of his life is a young man decades his junior, then has to explain his choices to his loving wife and children. A couple who meet during a time of mental crisis find solace in each other. A broken hearted woman who vows never to love again only to meet another when her heart least expects it. The stories give the reader hope that love will prevail and that happiness is out there for everyone if you are willing to fight for it.

I especially enjoyed Lana and Marks story as it was an insightful window into the Muslim culture and their beliefs towards women's rights and marriage. I am always interested to learn about other religions and cultures. The story showed just how important her faith was within her life and the struggle it caused her to fall in love with the person she did.

Overall I was glad I had the chance to read this novel. It may not have been something I would have chosen myself and so I appreciate being offered the chance to try something different.


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