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Wondrous words Wednesday - 16th June 2021

I stumbled across this meme on My Bookish Bliss blog who in turn found it on Bermuda Onions blog.

I thought it was such a fabulous idea, there are so many words in the English language that I love and deserve to be used in conversation!! I love finding words in books that I've never heard of before and then trying to use them in a sentence. I feel like the character of Tai in Clueless who "hopes not to see you sporadically!" (If you know you know!)

Todays words I feel should be spotlighted is....

According the the Urban Dictionary, spuddle is a West Country word meaning to waste time and not get on with the task at hand. Leads to spuddler, spuddled, spuddly etc
Look at Old Mrs Jones spuddling at the gate. Oh she's a right old spuddler.
Stop spuddling and get on with your homework.

I saw this word recently and I just loved it, I most definitely am the queen of spuddling! I am very good at finding other things to do rather than the task at hand, it's why I would be useless working from home! Such a great word. I will be trying to get that into conversation as much as possible over the next week!

I can't wait to find more intriguing words, to share with you. Watch out for more wonderous word Wednesdays in the future!

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