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WWW Wednesday - 14th April 2021

Continuing the meme hosted by Taking on a world of words with this weeks selection of books. You can click on the book titles to visit the Goodreads blurbs if you are interested in any of these books.

WWW Wednesday blog post by bexbooksandstuff

You are welcome to join along with this post. The premise being you answer the three following questions.....

  1. What are you currently reading?

  2. What did you finish reading recently?

  3. What do you think you will read next?

Currently reading

This is the final part of the trilogy and so far I have absolutely loved all the books. You can see my reviews of the first two books on the blog or follow these links... Extinction trials (1) ..... Extinction trials (2). This book completes the story about Storm and Lincolns journey to the continent of Piloria which is the continent of Dinosaurs! How will the trilogy end? Will they all move to this new and terrifying continent? Will the stipulators get their way? Will the humans survive against these vicious beasts? So many questions to find the answers to!

Last read

Other than the second instalment of the trilogy, my other last read book was You Love me by Caroline Kepnes. I had high hopes for this book as I had seen the first two series of YOU on Netflix and absolutely loved the premise of Joe Goldberg, the psychopath you hate to Love (but you just can't help yourself) I was really excited to see what was going to happen next in his journey. Sadly I was very disappointed with the book, Joe wasn't nearly as likeable in the book and just seemed downright creepy and a lot more whiney than I imagined. I didn't find the writing style particularly enjoyable and just didn't find much suspense in the story. It was a real shame as I had been extremely excited to read this one.

Next read

Next up I will be reading Jaipur Journals by Namita Gokhale. This book I an reviewing as part of a blog tour for Random Things tours and I am looking forward to reading it. It was described as a fast paced, funny novel that is an ode to literature, how could I resist? My review will hit on the 29th April so keep an eye out.

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Louise R
Louise R
14 abr 2021

I am just catching up with your blog Bex and it looks like you've been reading some great books! I wish there was a way to add your wix site to my Wordpress reader so it would come up with all the other blogs I am following because I keep missing all your posts!

Me gusta
14 abr 2021
Contestando a

Thanks something to think about! 🤔

Me gusta
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