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My reviews of all things fiction.

I have to say that fiction books are my go to read.  I love all kinds of fiction, ranging from rom-com to thriller/crime, fantasy (usually vampire, witch and werewolf related) YA, historical and others. 

I don't tend to read horror as I am a huge wimp and would have to sleep with the lights on and check under my bed and in all the cupboards before laying in bed all night not sleeping.  It's just not worth it!

This blog is to share my reviews and thoughts of all things fiction with you and hopefully make you want to read them!

The following genres I would consider reading for review purposes:

Romance (Chick - Lit)




Young Adult

Fantasy (see above character preferences)


I no longer use a star rating, this was something I started doing so you will see it in my older posts.  However I feel that I don't need to star rating my books anymore.  It is unlikely that I will write a blog post about a book that I did not enjoy and so the star system doesn't mean much in terms of how much I loved it.  Whether I give it a three, four or five star I will still have enjoyed it and I like to think my words and compliments/feedback about the book are more useful than a rating.  That being said I will still use the star rating system used by Goodreads and Amazon when I review on their forums.  I hope this does not put you off from requesting me to review your book, I will always offer fair and honest opinions when I review an authors work.

If you are a blogger and can recommend me a book please do! ( I am always willing to look at a book that is not in the above list)  If you are an author/publisher and would like me to read your work you can contact me below and I will happily consider reading your book in exchange for an honest review. I read both paper copies and kindle books.  Just please don't offer me a horror book it will be destined to be hidden in the sandpit at the bottom of the garden!

My reviews are shared on Goodreads and Instagram.

Hopefully you enjoy my reviews!

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