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Hi.... thanks for stopping by!!


I am Bex, a teacher, wife and mother to a gorgeous bubbly and

energy draining 3 year old! (Not always in that order!) I am a self

confessed book worm and love nothing more than snuggling up

under a cosy blanket with a cuppa and a good book.  Except

maybe reading a story with my son, his love of characters and

stories is infectious (although his ability to never get bored of the same book read every bedtime can be a test!)  I have read for as long as I can remember and try to squeeze in some reading every chance I get - Yes I was that girl walking to school with her nose in a book hoping she didn't fall into a pothole!

For me a great book transports you into another world.  It sucks you in and leaves you wanting more when it is over.  It makes you believe in the story, root for (or hate with a vengeance) the characters and pull on every emotional heartstring you have! That feeling of emptiness when you read the last page of a book is possibly the best and worst feeling at the same time!

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts and reviews of books I have read.  I am fairly new to reviewing, dabbling on goodreads and instagram so be gentle with me!

I would also like to include some thoughts about my life and general musings on a variety of topics.  Writing is something I have wanted to do for so long, so what better way than to share my words with the big wide world (or possibly just some friends and family who take pity on me!)


I would love to find inspiration for new reads, so please if you stumble across my humble blog feel free to comment or contact me with recommendations  and your MUST reads.  If you are a new upcoming or established author and want to share your work with me in return for an honest review I would love to have a chance to read your work.

Bex balancing a stack of books on top of her head.

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