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Publication day blitz for Fake News by C.J Dunford

I am very excited to be a part of the publication day blitz for this exciting new YA book. I love all things YA, and this one linking with social media and all its perils sounds to be a blast! Fake News by C.J Dunford is published today the 31st May by Fledgling Press.

Fake News by C.J Dunford

Four teenagers, and one dog, suffer at the hands of online media and come up with a plan to show people they should never trust what they read on the internet. They launch their own news site detailing amazing, shocking, utterly believable but totally untrue stories. They always

intend to come clean, but success goes to their heads and before long they are enmeshed in a world of spies and aliens. How will they get out of this unscathed? What happens next will change all of their lives forever.

I absolutely love the cover of this book. What a great eye popping colour! This is definitely one that would jump out at me from the shelves, and the blurb sounds so much fun. Social media has a huge presence these days and as we all know there is a scary amount of untreated news shared via it. It can sometimes be difficult to separate the fake from the real parts! So a book entered around this sounds great. One to add to the TBR!

Author Bio Author of over 30 books, C J Dunford is best known for her crime and spy stories set around the world wars (The Euphemia Martins Mysteries and The Hope Stapleford Adventures).

She has been, in no particular order, a hypnotist, a drama teacher, a journalist, a psychotherapist, a voice actor, a playwright and a novelist. She is currently a part-time Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh where she teaches creative writing, freelance journalism and statistics. Never one to follow the usual route she holds degrees in both arts and social science, as well as a smattering of professional qualifications. She is good with a blow torch, but better behind a steering wheel (her youngest son believes she used to be a racing driver). It was, in fact, a desperate attempt to get her two sons to read, and because she thinks all the best stories are YA, that she wrote Fake News. After all, with spies, cyber threats, disinformation and aliens, why

wouldn’t you want to read it?

If this has piqued your interest you can purchase it on Kindle or paperback from Amazon.

Is this one that you have heard of? Or would be interested in reading? Let me know in the comments!

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